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God’s Choice, Growing Fast

God’s Choice, Growing Fast

Shirley is busy doing God’s work. She started out working with one church in East Liverpool.  Today there are 14 locations of God’s Choice  special needs churches. Shirley and her family are as surprised as anyone at the growth of God’s Choice. Much of her time is spent setting up the next locations. Training sessions are held at each new location. Volunteers are trained to run the ministry on their own.

Every time I (Ron Wehr) talk to Shirley she is excited about a new inquiry of  someone wanting to start a God’s Choice church in their area. Currently God’s Choice is In Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan, and Africa.  Only God knows where this ministry will expand. With God’s leading, the Elosh family is willing to go wherever he sends them.

Donations are much appreciated.  Shirley receives some  travel expenses (mileage) from the Free Methodist. An offering is taken up at every service. These funds go toward supporting the location that they come from. Beyond that funds are needed for office supplies and other expenses. Please consider donating through the “Donate” button in the side bar. More importantly, Shirley asks for prayers to continue finding leadership in each location as well as the overall ministry as well.